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What is iCloud Photo Library

Don’t you know what is iCloud Photo Library? In this article, we will show you some important things you should know more about it and let you use it flexibly.

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iCloud Photo Library let you have an access to your photos (Learn: How to Backup iPad Photos to Computer) and videos (Learn: How to Convert iPhone Videos to GIF) on any iOS 8.1 or later device, Mac with OS X Yosemite v10.10.3 or later and on using the same Apple ID. After you make changes to photos (Learn: How to Copy Photos from PC to iPhone) and videos (Learn: How to Convert Videos to Animated GIFs on iPhone) in the Photos app, you can save both the original and edited versions and see the changes updated across your devices. iCloud provides up to 1 TB (5 GB for free) to allow you to save as many photos (Learn: How to Download Photos from iPhone to Computer) and videos as possible.

Table of Contents:

Part 1. How to Make Use of iCloud Photo Library

Alt: iCloud Photo Library

Alt: iCloud Photo Library

Turn on iCloud Photo Library

Before making use of iCloud Photo Library, you need to turn it on. Go to Settings > iCloud > Photos. Or go to Settings > Photos and Camera.

View Photos and Videos in iCloud Photo Library

You can view photos (Learn: How to Send Photos from iPhone to iPad) and videos (Learn: How to Retrieve Deleted Videos from iPhone) in the Photo tab and they are organized by Years, Collections, and Moments.What’s more, you can also view them as a continuous stream, organized by date added into the All Photos album.

Choose to Optimize your Storage

If your storage plan is more than 5 GB, you can choose Optimize iPhone Storage. It can manage your device storage by automatically keeping full-resolution photos (Learn: How to Transfer Photos from iPhone 6s to Mac) and videos in iCloud and lightweight versions on your iPhone, as space is needed. Tap Download and Keep Originals to save your full-resolution originals on your iPhone. Your originals are always stored in iCloud (Learn: How to Retrieve Photos from iCloud).

Download a Full-resolution Photo or Video

If you want to save original versions on iPhone, you can easily pinch to zoom to 100% or tap Edit.

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Part 2. Tips for Using iCloud Photo Library

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