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How to Backup iPad Photos to Mac/PC Computer with Ease

Want to make a backup for your iPad photos but do not how? Read this guide to get the easiest method in 5 minutes.

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Regularly backing up your iPad is a good habit. It can protect you from losing important information if your iPad run into any problem, like data loss after iOS upgrade. And the iPad photos may be the first one that you want to make a backup, because it records many memorable moments of your life. For Mac users, you can use Photos app to transfer photos to computer; For Windows users, you can import pictures to computer with Windows Explorer.

Photos app for Mac: Connect iPad to computer > Photos app will appear automatically > Click on Import option > Select the pictures you need > Click on Import XXX Selected.

Windows Explorer: Connect iPad to computer > Open "My Computer" > Find the iPad under Portable Devices section > Select and copy the pictures you need.

Photos app or Windows Explorer can ONLY help you import the pictures that saved in camera roll. Want to backup pictures in other albums, or want to transfer a whole album to computer? Just keep reading to get the solution.

How to Backup iPad Photos to Computer | PrimoPhoto

PirmoPhoto is a brand new iPad/iPhone photo transfer software that can help you backup iPad pictures to computer with ease. With PrimoPhoto, you can have a better management of your treasured pictures:

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Steps to Backup iPad Photos to Computer

Step 1. Open PrimoPhoto > Connect your iPad to computer.

Step 2. Click on Export to Mac/PC option > Select the photos you need.

Step 3. Choose a folder as destination > Click on Export button.

Backup iPad Photos to Computer with PrimoPhoto

Backup iPad Photos to Computer with PrimoPhoto

More Suggestions on Backup iPad Photos to Computer

Here are some methods that can help you backup a few pictures:

1. If you own a Mac computer, you can use AirDrop to share pictures between your iPad and Mac. Check this guide to learn detailed steps.

2. You can send an email to yourself with a photo attachment and download them on your computer.


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