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Every iPhone, iPad or iPod comes with a collection of great photos, music and apps for things you do every day, like Photos for managing your photos and videos, Music for enjoying pop songs, Messages for getting touch with others. Just because the powerful capabilities brought by these technologies, it seems we are also getting trouble to deal with them. So we at PrimoSync team set out to do researches, bring troubleshoots by testing on our own, and deliver the most relevant tips / suggestions to you.


Simplify your iPhone iPad photo management

We love taking pictures and shooting videos with iPhone. But the photo management on our mobile devices are just like having our arm twisted. Have you ever met disturbing duplicate problems with iPhoto, the lack of album sortation in Photos, complicated & confusing photo management with iTunes, insufficient storage, or having nowhere to play and send Live Photos? With our tried-and-true best iPhone Pro Tip articles, we set out to solve these everyday hassles so you can better enjoy your photos. Learn More >

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Transfer and backup your music on iPhone without iTunes

The iTunes store provided an easy way of finding and buying music, playing music on iTunes with Smart Playlist is also pretty handy. But with its recent shift toward streaming media, Apple risks losing its most music-obsessed users: the collectors. The reason is obvious: managing music on iPhone, iPod and iPad is like wandering in dark, and there is too many barriers blocking your way. Read all iPhone Music Pro Tip articles to solve your problems. Learn More >

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