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How to Sync with iTunes

Don’t you know how to sync with iTunes? Read this PrimoSync Wiki Page to have a comprehensive understanding of syncing with iTunes.

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Table of Contents:

The Brief Introduction of iTunes

iTunes is a media player, media library, online radio broadcaster and mobile device management application designed and developed by Apple Inc. It can allow you to play, download and organize music (Learn: How to Download Free Music for iPhone), movies, videos (Learn: How to Retrieve Deleted Videos from iPhone) and other media files. It can be applied to Mac and Windows PC. And the iTunes store is available on the iPhone, iPad (Learn: How to Copy Photos from iPad to PC) and iPod touch.

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How to Sync with iTunes

Syncing with iTunes can transfer data from your computer to iPhone and vice versa. You can sync by connecting your iPhone to your computer or setting up iTunes to sync wirelessly with Wi-Fi. It can sync various types of data (Learn: How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Computer), including music (Learn: How to Put Music on iPhone without iTunes), apps, videos, photos (Learn: How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC) and more.

Set up Wireless Syncing

Plug your iPhone to your computer > Run iTunes on your computer > Click iPhone icon > Click Summary > Select Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi.

iPhone syncing wirelessly will happen if your iPhone is connected to a power source, your computer and iPhone is connected to the same wireless network and iTunes is open on your computer.

How to Manually Sync with iTunes

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer > Run iTunes on your computer.

Step 2. Click iPhone icon > Click Summary > Tick out Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected > Choose Manually manage music and videos.

Step 3. Drag the music or other media data to your iPhone.

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Tips for Syncing with iTunes

- If the iPhone icon doesn’t appear in iTunes, check whether iTunes is updated to the latest version, your iPhone is correctly connected or restart your iPhone and iTunes.

- If you use iCloud to store iPhone data, don’t sync it to iPhone with iTunes.

- Don’t open iCloud Photo Library when you use iTunes to sync photos (Learn: How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone) and videos to iPhone.

- In the summary pane, you can use Encrypt iPhone backup to store Activity, Health and Keychain data with a password.

- In the summary data, you can choose Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected or Manually manage music (Learn: How to Copy iPad Pro Music to Computer for Backup) and videos.

- In the Music pane, you can sync music using your playlists (Learn: How to Transfer Playlist from iPhone to iTunes).

- In the Photo pane, you can sync photos (Learn: How to Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone 6s) and videos to your iPhone/iPad.

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