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How to Fix iTunes won’t Detect iPhone

Don’t know how to fix this problem iTunes won’t detect iPhone? Read this article to fins your suitable solution to solve it.

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When you plug in your iPhone, however, you find that the icon of iPhone won’t appear in the interface of iTunes. For this reason iTunes won’t detect your iPhone, you can’t transfer music from computer to your iPhone. So what do you do next? This article will provide some solutions for reference.

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Table of Content:

The Basic Check

There are lots of reasons causing iTunes won’t detect iPhone. It’s hard to say what specific reason causing it. No matter you use a Mac or Windows PC, please check the following things below.

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How to Fix iTunes won’t Detect iPhone on Mac

If you use a Mac and do these things above, but iTunes still can’t detect your iPhone. You can try this way.

How to Fix iTunes won’t Detect iPhone on Windows PC

If you use a Windows PC and also have the basic check, but iTunes still can’t detect your iPhone. You should check whether the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is installed. Here we take Windows 10 for an example to have the detailed description.


With these possible solutions, you may solve this problem that iTunes won’t recognize iPhone. If you still have this trouble, it’s suggested to contact Apple Support for help.

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