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What is Hype Live Video and How to Make Full Use of It

This article is all about Hype Live Video details, including what is Hype Live Video, What is used for and how to make full use of it.

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Hype is a live broadcasting video app that allows smartphone users add photos (Learn: how to transfer photos from PC to iPhone without iTunes), videos, music (Learn: how to transfer music from computer to iPod), text or even emojis to their broadcasts. This app supports to download for free from Apple Store and requires iOS 8.0 and later. It can be shared with your friends or to public on the Hype app, as well as other social networks. It was launched by Vine Founders and yet became another superb video sharing app for Apple users.

What is Hype Live Video - Overview

What is Hype Live Video - Overview

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Part 1. Hype Live App You Should Know

Hype app features to change background on your smartphones by choosing from presented animated backgrounds or selecting from your own camera roll, or change the live-photo window according to your personal style. In addition, Click the plus icon to add photos and videos (Learn: how to recover deleted videos on iPhone) from your camera roll, or music saved on your phone, as well as text and emojis. You can also hunt for animated GIFs (Learn: how to convert videos to animated GIFs on iPhone) and Vine videos by tapping the search icon.

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Part 2. How to Make Full Use of Hype Live App

1. Adding Images, Live Music And Text To A Hype Broadcast On iPhone

While intending to broadcast a live photo or music on Hype, all you need to tap on Create tap on broadcast window and tap on Plus button at the bottom > Allow Hype access your Camera, Camera Roll, Microphone, Music > You will have the option to add images, text, videos or GIFs to your broadcast > Click Camera tap to add photos or click Music tap to add tracks you like.

Adding Images or Live Music To A Hype Broadcast On iPhone

Adding Images or Live Music To A Hype Broadcast On iPhone

2. Changing Avatar on Hype Live Video App

Hype has the ability to take the current pictures of your Facebook/Twitter Account, whichever you’ve signed in. However, if you want to change your Hype avatar, just follow these steps: launch the Hype live video app on your iPhone > Tap on the icon on the top right-hand corner as mentioned in the pictures.

Changing Avatar on Hype Live Video App

Changing Avatar on Hype Live Video App

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The Bottom Line

From the above, you’ve learned the details of Hype live streaming app and you may have overwhelming understanding about it. Download Hype app now and have a try by following this guide.

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