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Top 3 Senuti Alternatives – Quickly Transfer iPhone iPod Music to Computer

How to get senuti alternatives to transfer music from iPhone iPod to computer quickly? This tutorial will show you top 3 senuti alternatives.

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Senuti is an application for transferring files, such as songs and videos, from an iPod or iPhone back to a Macintosh computer. It is good at transferring music from iPod to Mac, but not available for Windows PC. Senuti supports a simple drag-n-drop for music and playlists, which will not copy songs to a computer and add them to iTunes, but will create a new playlist with the same name and add all of the songs to that list.

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With these detects of senuti, tones of senuti alternatives bring out to market. However, it is a big deal that you may haven’t find out an effective method to transfer iPhone iPod music to Mac, needless to say senuti for Windows. Fortunately, here we will introduce top 3 senuti alternatives to help you import music from iPhone/iPod/iPad to computer without any hassle.

Table of Content:

Part 1. Top 3 Senuti Alternatives for Copying iPhone iPod Music to Computer

Part 2. Choose the Best Senuti Alternative Just for You

Part 3. Related Music Transfer Articles

Part 1. Top 3 Senuti Alternatives for Copying iPhone iPod Music to Computer

Comparing tons of other so-called senuti alternatives, the PrimoMusic, PodTrans and Anytrans have the absolute priority to transfer music from devices to computer, since they have the features that they can copy thousands of songs to computer only a few minutes and add them to iTunes automatically.

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PrimoMusic is a newly developed program and specially designed for iOS music transfer and management. It not only supports to import iPhone/iPod/iPad music to computer, but also get purchases to any computer you like, rebuild iTunes for unexpected crash only one-click and delete unwanted songs one-by-one. In addition to, it also helps to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone only with simple three steps. Inshort, PrimoMusic is one of the best senuti alternatives for music transfer from Apple devices to computer. Free download PrimoMusic and have a try >


PodTrans is the only free iPod music transfer application for Windows and Mac. Without bulky and tedious iTunes, PodTrans supports getting music from all models of iPod, including iPod nano, iPod shuffle, and all series of iPod touch to Windows & Mac and vice versa without data loss. It is also called one-click solution and its friendly interface makes its use trouble-free for the new users. Take a tour with PodTrans now >


AnyTrans is handy & all-in-one iOS contents manager, which has the ability to put music from iPhone, iPod and iPad to PC/Mac with a few minutes. With the great compatibility and interoperability, it makes it easy to transfer music between Apple devices and PC/Mac without any hassle, and you never worry about the existing data on you devices will be replaced just like the traditional iTunes sync. With it, you can also freely transfer & manage photos, videos, ringtones, voice memos, voicemails, apps, notes, contacts, books, etc. without efforts. Simply download AnyTrans to have a free experience now >

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Part 2. Choose the Best Senuti Alternative Just for You


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PodTrans AnyTrans
Transfer Music to Computer iPhone/iPod/iPad to Mac iPod to Mac/PC iPod/iPhone/iPad to Mac/PC
Import Music to Devices
Recover Music, Video and Playlist to iTunes
Get Purchases to Any Computer  
Support Drag-and-drop Interface    
Selectively Delete Unwanted Songs    

The Bottom Line

With the above tree trouble-free solutions, you can transfer music from devices to computer without time consuming. These top 3 senuti alternatives have their own advantages to manage & transfer music between devices and computer. However, PrimoMusic may be the best one to get music from iPhone, iPod and iPad to your computer only one-click. Quickly download and give it a try for free now >

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