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What's New with iOS 10? – Everything You Should Know

What is new with iOS 10? In this tutorial, you will learn about everything you want to know about iOS 10.

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iOS 10, the latest operating system software for iPad & iPhone, which was unveiled by Apple at WWDC 2016. Apple users may not heisted to know what is new with the iOS 1O, and here we will make detailed and accurate introduction about it to help you understand iOS 10 comprehensively.

What Are the New Features about iOS 10

Apple has described iOS 10 as its "the biggest iOS release ever," and it ran through a selection of 10 key new areas in considerable depth, like Siri, Music (Learn: how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone), Maps, iMessage, News, Photos, HomeKit & new Home app etc. In this page, we have pull out 5 of main features and get started with ones that we feel will be the most important and useful.

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As most Apple users expected, Apple Music's new visual redesign makes it leaner and simpler than before, even easier to enjoy your favorite songs (Learn: how to transfer songs from PC to iPhone). Upon entering the app, for example, you'll be taken straight to the Library section. You'll also be able to view lyrics while you're listening to your music.

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In iOS 10, Messages is getting a pretty substantial overhaul. You'll be able to write messages in your own handwriting, alter the way message (Learn: how to recover deleted text messages on iPhone) bubbles look, send quick 'Tapback' responses, and even add animations. If you say things like “Happy Birthday!” or “Congratulations!”, related animations will take over the entire screen on iPhone.

Emoji are getting bigger (three times bigger) and easier to insert, with iOS recommending potential word replacements for you. In fact it goes even further: Messages can scan a message you're about to send and highlight all the words that could be replaced with emoji. Meanwhile, you'll be able to slap virtual stickers all over your message threads.

3.HomeKit & new Home app

Apple is getting serious about smart homes and the Internet of things, launching a dedicated app, Home, for controlling all the appliances that are compatible with HomeKit. If you open up Home, you'll see all your HomeKit-compatible accessories, no matter which company makes them, and you can easily control them all from one hub. Many of these will have 3D Touch shortcuts: you can force-tap and slide on a dimmer app, for instance, to adjust light levels. The new Home app lets you turn on lights, unlock doors, and even raise your window shades — all at once if you like.


Apple is "bringing Siri intelligence to the keyboard". Which mainly manifests itself in the use of artificial intelligence and context cues to offer more suitable and relevant suggestions when typing, so it is pretty handy and a genuine time-saver at the monument. When you type something like “I’m available at,” the free time in your calendar pops up as an option. What's more, QuickType will support for multilingual typing - in other words, not in just one language or another, but in a blend of the two. You won't have to switch keyboards to do this, Apple said, although they didn't offer details


Like QuickType, Photos (Learn: How to transfer photos from iPhone to PC) has been given an injection of artificial intelligence. Apple says it will use deep learning techniques to analyze faces, places and objects - the company boasted, if we didn't mishear, that 11 billion computations are made per photo - and use its findings to build smart albums for you.

Photos can draw together linked photos (Learn: how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone) and videos by place, people and time, and automatically create highlight reels and trip mementoes; Apple calls this 'Memories'. It demonstrated a good-looking photo/video album created from a holiday, where individual videos had been cut to include the most relevant bits of footage. Federighi was then able to adjust some sliders and see it remade with a different mood and length.


Apart from these new features of iOS 10, there are also other new upgrades like Siri, Maps, News and so on. If you want to learn more, view to find out what you want. Besides, we also provide some iOS transfer tips for your reference.

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