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How to Fix iTunes Error 54 When You Sync with your iPhone/iPad/iPod

An unknown error occurred (-54) on your computer when syncing your iPhone/iPad/iPod with iTunes? This tutorial will explain the causes of iTunes error 54 and how to fix it with ease.

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“I just recently upgraded to Windows 10. When I plug up my iPod to my computer, it says the iPod 'Anthony's iPod' cannot be synced, and an unknown error occurred (-54). I am unable to access anything in iTunes. What should I do now? Very appreciated for help!” ---- Comes from Apple Community

After upgrading PC or laptop to Windows 10, users may always encounter lots of troublesome issues, like cannot to sync iPhone/iPad/iPod with iTunes in the upgraded Windows 10. The error message usually shows: "The iPhone (or iPad, iPod touch) cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (-54)". In this case, how do you do to fix this problem? It’s a good news that there’s a solution to fix iTunes unknown error (-54) completely.

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About iTunes Error (-54) and Causes of iTunes Error (-54)

iTunes error (-54) is a permission error either on your computer or the device, it usually occurs when you use iTunes to sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod after updating to a new Windows operation system. The reasons are probably that you haven’t authorized your computer, or you may have no permission to move /modify the data. Besides, you may also run into the following possible situations:

Common Solutions to Fix Unknown Error (-54) Issues

Fix iTunes error (-54) issue about your iPhone, iPad or iPod cannot be synced is difficult. However, if you find out why it shows up the error (-54), the following common solutions will give some help.

Solution 1. Make sure that you have authorized your computer to use iTunes (Open iTunes > Choose "Store" on iTunes menu and authorize your computer).

Solution 2. You should run as an administrator on your computer when using iTunes (Sign in to Windows as an administrator > Right click iTunes icon > Select "Properties" > Select "Compatibility" > Check to run as administrator.).

Solution 3. Ensure that iTunes installed on your computer is the latest version.

Solution 4. Upgrade iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to latest iOS operating system.

Solution 5. Update all drivers on your computer and run anti-virus software to scan if there is any virus or malware on your computer.

Solution 6. Change permissions of your "iTunes" folder or original files/folder (Open Windows Explorer -> Click on the Music folder -> Right click on your iTunes folder -> Go to Properties -> Uncheck the Read Only option present under Attributes).

Since it is impossible to restore your iOS device from iTunes due to the sync error 54, you have to find a professional data recovery tool – Primo iPhone Data Recovery to retrieve your important data from your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

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How to Recover Data after iTunes Error 54

When you encounter the iTunes error (-54), the data like photos, videos, music, messages, contacts etc. on your iPhone will get lost fully. How to recover them from your iPhone? Here we highlight Primo iPhone Data Recovery to retrieve all your data only in few minutes.

Built in with the up-to-date data recovery technologies, Primo iPhone Data Recovery has the full ability to recover photos, messages (Learn: how to get back deleted messages on iPhone), call history may contain info that really counts more. Without the Encryption limits of iTunes, it lets you scan all files from your iPhone and selectively recover what you exactly need. This feature will save you more time and efforts. In order to give you a user-friendly experience, Primo iPhone Data Recovery was designed with a friendly interface, a concise task preview window and humanized step-by-step user guide.

You can check the guide about how to retrieve texts messages from iPhone to get back your important messages, or you can take a look at the following tutorials about photos recovery to recover all your media files and other data from your iPhone.

How to Recover Photos from iPhone Directly

With Primo iPhone Data Recovery, you can recover all data from your iPhone directly without running iTunes, and the following detailed tutorial will show you how to do this step-by-step.

Step 1. Download Primo iPhone Data Recovery > Run Primo iPhone Data Recovery > Connect your iPhone to computer with a USB cable > Click Recover from your iPhone.

How to Recover Photos from iPhone Directly – Step 1

How to Recover Photos from iPhone Directly – Step 1

Step 2. Select the files you want to recover and click Start Scan.

How to Recover Photos from iPhone Directly – Step 2

How to Recover Photos from iPhone Directly – Step 2

Step 3. All the files will show up after scanning. You can click the icons to select the deleted files you want to retrieve and click Recover to start recovering the deleted files from iPhone.

How to Recover Photos from iPhone Directly – Step 3

How to Recover Photos from iPhone Directly – Step 3

Except for recovering photos, you can also get back music, playlist, audio, audio book, voice memo, voicemail, iBook, ringtone, App Photos, App Video, contacts, messages, call history, calendar etc. by Primo iPhone Data Recovery. You can also transfer photos from computer to your iPhone by reading the following guides:

How to Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone

How to Transfer Photos from Mac to iPhone 6s


From this article, you can fix the iTunes error (-54) with these solutions above. Meanwhile, you can also recover what you want from your iPhone by Primo iPhone Data Recovery. If you have any iOS related questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by joining the following community or sending emails.

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