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Optimize Storage on iPhone iPad

PrimoPhoto offers a variety of iPhone photo junk cleaning options, which help you clear up duplicated photo thumbnail copies, completely empty Recently Deleted folder and other kind of junk files on iPhone photo library.

Step 1

Install and open PrimoPhoto:

Welcome to PrimoPhoto Pro

Step 2

Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer with an USB cable > After PrimoPhoto loads your photos, choose Optimize Storage:

Optimize Storage

Step 3

1. Give a quick glance on what kind of junks PrimoPhoto will clear out from your iPhone > After that, click Scan:

Optimize Storage 2

2. Review details about what types of junk have been scanned by clicking here:

Optimize Storage 3

3. Confirm that all junk items listed here are safe / OK to get deleted:

Optimize Storage 4

4. Click Clean button to start reclaiming more free storage on your device:

Optimize Storage 5

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