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How to Use One-handed Keyboard on iOS 11

One of the new features of the new iOS 11 is the one-handed keyboard, making typing on a large screen iPhone easy than ever. Read to learn how to use one-handed keyboard on iOS 11.

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The one-handed keyboard feature actually cannot be said as a new feature of iOS11, that’s because Apple has already included this feature in iOS 8 since 2014, but users has no access to it. Now in iOS 11, Apple officially announced one-handed keyboard and will be available for all iOS 11 users.

It’s can be difficult for iPhones especially iPhone 6/6s/7 Plus with the larger 5.5-inch displays to compose a message with just one hand when the other hand is occupied. Many users have to use two hands while trying to type on an iPhone Plus. But now with one-handed keyboard on iOS 11, users can finally type with a single thumb on their big iPhone Plus.

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How to Use One-handed Keyboard on iPhone on iOS 11

To enable one-handed keyboard on your iPhone is quite easy, steps as below.

Step 1. Open Message app on your iPhone that is running iOS 11.

Step 2. Create a new thread or go to a conversation, start to compose a message.

Step 3. When the keyboard shows, long press on the globe keyboard button in the left-hand corner of the default Apple keyboard.

Step 4. Now you can choose to move the keyboard to either the left or right side of your iPhone.

How to Use One-handed Keyboard on iPhone after iOS 11 Update

How to Use One-handed Keyboard on iPhone after iOS 11 Update

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Besides the one-handed keyboard, there are many other amazing features like Wi-Fi password sharing, screen recording, better multitasking on iPad, etc. If your important data get lost during the update, don’t forget to use Primo iPhone Data Recovery to get them back.

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