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Solutions to iPhone Contacts Missing Issue

Suddenly find that contacts info is not showing on iPhone anymore? Just seat back and calm down. The article will tell you some possible ways to solve the iPhone contacts missing problem.

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Sometimes after upgrading the iPhone to new iOS, you only to find that contacts mysteriously disappeared from iPhone. The contacts’ names all have gone. All you can see are random numbers. This must puzzle you much. In the post, we’ll show you some possible solutions to fix the iPhone contacts missing problem.

Table of Contents:

Solution 1. Go to Contacts Group Settings

Step 1. Launch Contacts app and tap “Groups”.

Step 2. Check off “All on My iPhone” to display your contacts stored on your iPhone’s hard drive.

Solution 2. Check iCloud Settings

Inaccurate iCloud screen names, passwords or settings will prevent your iPhone from syncing with contacts stored on your iCloud accounts.

Step 1. Open “Settings” menu and tap “Mail, Contacts and Calendars.”

Step 2. Select an account, such as iCloud or Gmail.

Step 3. Tap "Account" and enter your username correctly.

Step 4. Open Contacts app, choose "Groups" and check off your iCloud account as visible.

Solution 3. Avoid Syncing Errors

If you don't use iCloud contact syncing, your contacts may not have been transferred completely during your iTunes Sync.

Step 1. Launch iTunes and connect iPhone with computer.

Step 2. Click "iPhone" icon.

Step 3. Click "Info" tab and select "Sync Contacts."

Solution 4. Restore from iTunes or iCloud

Your displayed contacts might continue to have issues if your firmware is buggy. You might need to restore the iPhone completely. Back up iPhone via iTunes or iCloud first. Note that this will remove all your personal data on iPhone and reinstall iPhone’s firmware.

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Solution 5. Retrieve Missing iPhone Contacts without Backup

Primo iPhone Data Recovery is a powerful iOS data recovery application that enables to find and retrieve almost all missing or lost iPhone data directly from iPhone without backup.

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Step 1. Download and install Primo iPhone Data Recovery to computer. Connect iPhone with computer. Launch it and choose Recover from iOS Device.

Retrieve Missing Contacts on iPhone without Backup – Step 1

Retrieve Missing Contacts on iPhone without Backup – Step 1

Step 2. Choose Contacts. Select To Device. Click Recover to get your missing contacts back.

Retrieve Missing Contacts on iPhone without Backup – Step 2

Retrieve Missing Contacts on iPhone without Backup – Step 2

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With Primo iPhone Data Recovery, you can get back certain iOS data from your iTunes or iCloud backup without restoring iPhone. Download and install Primo iPhone Data Recovery to have a try now.


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iPhone Data Recovery Solutions to iPhone Contacts Missing Problem