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How to Download Pictures from iPhone to Windows PC

Want to download iPhone pictures to PC as backup but do not know how? Read this article to get 2 methods in 5 minutes.

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If you like to take photos with iPhone, when you go to Settings to check the usage of your iPhone, you will find that photos take up a large amount of storage space. Especially the new iPhone 6/6s that has a 12-megapixel advanced camera. Each picture can occupy 2.5MB. As time goes by, your iPhone can "out of memory" when you tend to take a new picture.

At that moment, you have no choice but to delete some pictures from iPhone to free up space. And you may first want to download pictures from iPhone to computer as backup in case you will need them in the future. We have already talked about import photos from iPhone to Mac, here we focus on download photos from iPhone to PC computer.

Table of Contents

1. Download Pictures from iPhone to PC | Windows Explorer

When connect your iPhone to PC, there always a popup asking you what to do with your iPhone. Windows will treat your iPhone as a file system or a digital camera, and you can use this function to download pictures to computer.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer and wait the popup appears.

Step 2. Click on "View Content" option.

Step 3. Find and select the pictures you need through listed folders.

It can be a time-consuming job to find the folders that saved your pictures. Not only that, Windows Explorer can ONLY download iPhone camera roll photos to computer.

2. Download Pictures from iPhone to PC | PrimoPhoto

PrimoPhoto is an easy-to-use iPhone photo transfer software. Unlike Windows Explorer, PrimoPhoto can download all iPhone photos that saved in different albums, including camera roll photos, photo stream photos, photo share photos and the albums you created. With PrimoPhoto, you can:

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Steps to Download Pictures from iPhone to PC

Step 1. Open PrimoPhoto > Connect your iPhone to computer.

Step 2. Click on Export to PC > Select the pictures you need.

Step 3. Choose a folder to save the pictures > Click on Export.

Download iPhone Pictures to PC with PrimoPhoto

Download iPhone Pictures to PC with PrimoPhoto

More Suggestions on Download Pictures from iPhone to PC

1. If you have enough iCloud storage space (You need to pay for extra space lager than original 5 GB), you can use iCloud Photo Library to share pictures between your iPhone and PC.

2. You can use some online Cloud Storage, like Google Drive, SkyLive, Dropbox, etc.

3. Send an email to yourself with a photo attachment and download them on your computer.


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