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How to Undelete Photos on iPhone 6/6s/7

Hope to recover only photos instead of the whole backup file of iPhone? Read the trick to learn a new way to undelete photos on iPhone 6/6s/7.

Primo iPhone Data Recovery

With Primo iPhone Data Recovery, an efficient iOS data recovery tool, you can undelete you mistakenly deleted photos on iPhone 6/6s/7 with ease. Download it to have a try.

Nowadays it is so common that we use iPhone to capture beautiful scenes, shoot interesting items, record wonderful moments, etc. Once someday you get these photos lost due to wrong deletion, that’s a headache thing. To undelete photos on iPhone, iTunes/iCloud might be your first thought, but this doesn’t enable you to recover just photos; besides, you are not allowed to view the photos in advance. If you wish to preview the photos firstly and then undelete some of them from iPhone, try Primo iPhone Data Recovery which can achieve this easily.

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Main Features of Primo iPhone Data Recovery

Primo iPhone Data Recovery, an iOS data recovery tool, supports the recovery of up to 25 types of iPhone/iPad/iPod data including photos.

Undelete Photos on iPhone with Primo iPhone Data Recovery

Step 1. Get Primo iPhone Data Recovery to computer and open it. Plug in your iPhone. On the main page, choose Recover from iOS Device mode and click Next.

How to Undelete Photos on iPhone – Step 1

How to Undelete Photos on iPhone – Step 1

Step 2. Check Photos and preview all the photos. Then select the photos you wish to get back and click Recover in blue.

How to Undelete Photos on iPhone – Step 2

How to Undelete Photos on iPhone – Step 2


Primo iPhone Data Recovery also works as an iPhone backup extractor, allowing you to access, extract and undelete content in iTunes/iCloud backup. Download it to start a free trial now >>


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