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by Yuri on Jun. 15, 2016 | NO COMMENT

What Should You Do When iPod won’t Connect to iTunes

What if your iPod won’t connect to iTunes by chance? Check this guide to fix the bothersome trouble without time consuming.

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It is not a big deal to sync iPod with iTunes, but when you meet this situation that your iPod cannot connect iTunes after several attempts, what to do next? In this guide, we will give you some useful tips and one easy-to-use workaround – PrimoMusic to help you out in minutes.

Table of Content:

Part 1. Fix iPod won’t Connect to iTunes - Common Useful Tips

When you plug your iPod into a computer, the iPod icon doesn’t show up on your iTunes unexpectedly. And you may want to figure it out timely. In this guide, you can check the available tips bellow to resolve your trouble without time consuming.

Tip 1. Quit and re-launch iTunes, connect the iPod to a different USB port on the computer.

Tip 2. Reboot the iPod and computer; Use a different syncing cable (if possible).

Tip 3. Delete iTunes and reinstall it with a fresh version from Apple.

On Mac: tap Settings > General > Software Update (You can also connect your iPod touch to iTunes and click Check for Update on your device's Summary page).

On Windows: Click Start > Control Panel > System > Automatic Updates tab.

Tip 4. Reset your Wi-Fi router by turning it off and then on again.

These common tricks possibly fix iPod won’t connect iTunes to some extent. However, if you want to sync iPod to iTunes without any data loss, especially for the original songs on your iPod, PrimoMusic may be your good choice to transfer music from computer to iPod without any songs getting lost.

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Part 2. Fix iPod won’t Connect to iTunes – PrimoMusic

To fix iPod won’t connect to iTunes, you can switch to a workaround like PrimoMusic, which is a comprehensive & all-featured media content manager. It supports to transfer songs from iPod to computer and vice versa without any data loss. Apart from these, PrimoMusic also enables to manage your music collection on albums, playlists, artists from your iPod, and selectively delete your unwanted songs by one-click. Simply download it to have a free experience now >

Step 1. (Here we take music transfer from computer to iPod as an example) Open PrimoMusic > Connect your iPod into your computer with a USB cable.

How to fix iPod won’t connect to iTunes – Step 1

How to fix iPod won’t connect to iTunes – Step 1

Step 2. Click “Import to Device” on the left side > Choose songs you want to transfer.

How to fix iPod won’t connect to iTunes – Step 2-1

How to fix iPod won’t connect to iTunes – Step 2-1

How to fix iPod won’t connect to iTunes – Step 2-2

How to fix iPod won’t connect to iTunes – Step 2-2

Step 3. Click “Import” to get music from computer to your iPod without any data loss.

How to fix iPod won’t connect to iTunes – Step 3

How to fix iPod won’t connect to iTunes – Step 3


With these troubleshooting tricks and the all-around alternative for iTunes, you may have solved your trouble without any hassle. Comparing these solutions from the above, you may find out that PrimoMusic is a multifunctional media management application and is quite suitable for iPod music transfer. So don’t hesitate to download PrimoMusic and give it a try at once >

Yuri A young but experienced iPhone Pro Tip editor at @PrimoSync, also a hiking lover for couple years. Enthused by sharing daily tips on all Apple related topics.

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