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6 Tips to Improve iPhone X Battery Life

Found that your iPhone X battery drains quite fast and want to improve its battery life? Here we’ll show you some quick ways to improve iPhone X battery life.

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As Apple’s new flagship iPhone of 10th anniversary, iPhone X has become one of the hottest smartphones in the market with its features like Face ID, wireless charging, TrueDepth Camera, Animoji and etc. It seems that iPhone X just surprised many users with its innovative design and outstanding performance, but there are still some complaints about this revolutionary product of Apple.

One of the most discussed issues is how to improve iPhone X battery life cause its battery drains so fast, and sometimes it just takes 4 hours to drop from 100% to 20%. So here in this quick guide, we’ll show you some effective and easy-to-follow tricks to improve your iPhone X battery life.

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Table of Contents:

6 Quick Tips to Improve iPhone X Battery Life

Tip 1. Check Battery Usage on iPhone X.

Firstly you can check how battery is consumed on your iPhone X, just go to Settings > Battery to look at the details of your battery usage. If you find some apps eating more power than expected then you can delete and reinstall them.

Tip 2. Update iPhone X to the latest iOS Version.

Sometimes the new iOS version can just fix the problem of iPhone X battery drains fast, so you can try to upgrade to the latest iOS version to see if it can solve the issue. Open Settings > General > Software and Update > Download and Install.

Tip 3. Turn Down your Flashlight Level.

In iOS 11, there are 4 brightness levels on the flashlight, so you can lower your flashlight level on iPhone X. Try to use the lowest setting and it will also be bright enough.

Tip 4. Turn Off Some Visual Effects on iPhone X.

These visual effects can also cause your iPhone X battery life get short, so you can try to disable some visual effects to save battery life on your iPhone X. Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and tap the toggle switch to turn on Reduce Motion.

Tip 5. Disable Background Apps Refresh.

This feature will be disabled in Low Power Mode, but you can also turn it off manually to save more battery life for your iPhone X. Just go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turn it off.

Tip 6. Turn Off the Location Service on iPhone X.

If there are always many apps constantly requesting your location, then your iPhone X battery will consume quite fast. Settings > Privacy > Location Service to limit some apps from requesting location all the time.

Bonus Tip to Recover Deleted/Lost Data on iPhone X

What if you meet some accidents like deleting your vital data on iPhone X and want to get them back? Although you can restore your device with iTunes or iCloud backup but this may be not what you want, cause restoring will remove all your existing data on iPhone X. So here you can try Primo iPhone Data Recovery to help you recover deleted or lost data on iPhone X without hassles.

How to Recover Deleted/Lost iOS Data on iPhone X

How to Recover Deleted/Lost iOS Data on iPhone X

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With the simple tips we offered above, you can definitely improve your battery life on iPhone X. And when it comes recovering deleted or lost iOS data on iPhone X, Primo iPhone Data Recovery will be a great helper to you. Just download it and start a free trial now >>


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