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Fix iTunes Error 3194 While Restoring or Updating iPhone/iPad

Keep receiving the error 3194 message while using iTunes to restore or update your iPhone/iPad and don’t know how to solve? Read the post to get remedies to fix the iTunes error 3194.

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A user complained, “I keep getting error 3194 messages when I try to restore my iPhone. I have never jailbreak and I want to restore.” Actually you are not alone. There are piles of reports reflecting their iTunes pops up the 3194 error while restoring or updating iPhone/iPad. Just chill out. You have this tip to help fix the iPhone/ iPad restore or update error 3194. Besides, we offer you an efficient way to restore iPhone or iPad data with no backup.

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Table of Contents:

What Is iTunes Error 3194

Usually, the occurrence of error 3194 is the result of iTunes not recognizing the greeting, the handshake or the code of the software that is being installed on iPhone/iPad. Namely, when iTunes fails to communicate with Apple’s update server, these messages will appear.

- Error 17

- Error 1639

- Error 3000-3020

- Error 3194

- Error 3100-3999

- This device isn’t eligible for the requested build

How to Fix iPhone/iPad Restore or Update Error 3194

Tip 1. Check Your Hosts File

If you are a windows user, follow the steps to check hosts file on PC from Microsoft support site.

If you are using Mac computer, do as the following instructions:

Check Your Hosts File on Mac

Check Your Hosts File on Mac

Tip 2. Address TCP/IP Filtering, Firewall or Security Software

Tip 3. Restore or Update from Another Computer

If possible, try a different network connection to restore your iPhone or iPad. For example, if you are restoring at work, try to restore at home or on your friend’s computer and network.

Just like the case that you want to restore iPhone or iPad data but unfortunately iTunes fails to function but prompting error 3194 all the time, an iOS data recovery application – Primo iPhone Data Recovery is a nice bet.

Bonus Tip: Restore iPhone/iPad Data Without Backup

Primo iPhone Data Recovery provides you 3 recovery modes to retrieve the lost or deleted iOS data, including contacts, notes, messages, photos, etc. You can recover your lost or deleted data from iTunes or iCloud backup; more importantly, the powerful tool allows you to recover data directly from your iPhone/iPad.

Restore iPhone/iPad Data Without Backup

Restore iPhone/iPad Data Without Backup

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