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How to Fix Bluetooth not Working on iPhone X Quickly

Can’t connect your iPhone X to other device via Bluetooth and want to fix it quickly? Read on this guide and get 6 useful tricks to fix Bluetooth not working on iPhone X.

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“I am having issues with Bluetooth on my new iPhone X. It states connected but hear nothing when I try to connect with my vehicles or beats. Just keep cycling. Is there any quick way to fix it?”

A user from Apple Communities

Recently there are some complaints about iPhone X among users, and one of the most common problems is Bluetooth not working properly on their new iPhone X. Though next iOS update may fix this error for iPhone X users, it’s quite inconvenient when you want to pair your iPhone X with a car or speaker via Bluetooth. Here in this article we’ll show you several troubleshooting tips to fix this issue.

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Table of Contents:

6 Basic Tips to Fix Bluetooth not Working on iPhone X

Tip 1. Turn off Bluetooth and Restart iPhone.

Firstly try this simple way to fix this problem. Just go to Settings > Bluetooth > turn it off if it’s enabled (it’s green if it’s turned on). Then restarting your iPhone X via pressing Volume Up/Down button until you see the Apple logo.

Tip 2. Forget Some Devices and Pair Again.

You may have connected your iPhone X with many Bluetooth devices so you can forget some devices and pair again. Settings > Bluetooth > then you’ll see the list of Bluetooth devices > find the device you can’t pair with and tap (i) > Forget this device > connect your iPhone with Bluetooth device again.

Tip 3. Try to Pair with A Different Device.

You can try to connect your iPhone X with another Bluetooth device to see if it works. This can ensure your Bluetooth accessory is not the problem.

Tip 4. Restore your iPhone X with Backup.

You can restore your iPhone X with iTunes or iCloud backup to solve the issue of Bluetooth not working on iPhone X. Just refer to this article to get detailed steps to restore iPhone X with iTunes/iCloud backup.

Tip 5. Reset Network Settings on iPhone X.

Resetting the network settings may fix your problem of Bluetooth not working on iPhone X, but it will erase all your network settings including the Wi-Fi password. Settings > General > Reset > select Reset network settings > enter your passcode > tap Reset network settings.

Tip 6. Visit An Apple Store.

If none of these tips is workable to fix the issue of Bluetooth not working on iPhone X, just take your iPhone X to an Apple store nearby. Then you’ll know any possible hardware problems.

Bonus Tip: How to Fix iOS Data Get Lost from iPhone X

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How to Fix iOS Data Get Lost from iPhone X

How to Fix iOS Data Get Lost from iPhone X

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These six quick solutions may help you solve the problem of Bluetooth not working on iPhone X, and Primo iPhone Data Recovery is helpful to get your lost data back with or without any backup. Just download it and start a free trial now >>


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