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What is iPod touch – a Powerful and Multi-purpose Music Player

Do you know what is iPod touch? Read this PrimoSync Wiki Page and you will have a better understanding of iPod touch.

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The Brief Introduction of iPod touch

The iPod touch is a device based with iOS operating system and the touch screen. Till to now, Apple Inc. has designed and launched six generations of iPod touch. The first generation was released in 2007 and the sixth generation was released in 2015.

The iPod touch is regarded as "iPhone without a phone" because it is similar to iPhone. Like iPhone, iPod touch can allow you to listen to music, enjoy videos, take pictures (only supports iPod touch 4/5/6), play games, surf the Internet (only though Wi-Fi) and more. But it can't allow you to make phone calls, send SMS and MMS and use Touch ID, 3D Touch, NFC and GPS. Even so, iPod touch is definitely a device for big fun.

The Main Features of iPod touch (6th Gen.)

The iPod touch is not just a music player but can be used as a powerful media player, game device, digital camera and web-browsing device.

The Powerful Media Player

The iPod touch can bring you a great experience of enjoying high-quality music, lifelike videos, realistic movies, vivid podcasts and sharp TV shows. You can download free music, movies, TV shows and podcasts or purchase them from iTunes Store. Or sync them from computers with iTunes. (Learn: How to Transfer Music from Mac to iPod) With iPod touch, you can carry thousands of your favorite music in your pocket whether you are on the train or on the road. It can last 40 hours for enjoying music and 8 hours for enjoying videos.

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The Game Device, Digital Camera and Web-browsing Device

With powerful A8 chip and high-resolution display, iPod touch can bring you an immersive and smooth gaming experience. Get more game Apps from the App Store. With a new 8-megapixel iSight camera, iPod touch can allow you to capture the stunning photos and shoot HD videos. It's easy to edit and share them with iCloud Photo Library. Connected with Wi-Fi, iPod touch can allow you to browse web to find the interesting things in the world, your favorite food and more.

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