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Pokémon GO Tricks and Cheats You Need to Know

In order to have an enjoyable experience of Pokémon GO, we specially list some vital Pokémon GO tricks and cheats you need to know.

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Once Pokémon GO is released, it has gained immense popularity. Nowadays, you can see a number of people to flick their screens of smartphones flooding outdoors, like a park, a museum, an office and other places. They use a GPS map to hunt for Pokémon and a camera to view and catch Pokémon.

In fact, there are hundreds of factors that will affect the experience of Pokémon GO. In order to help you out, we have collected some Pokémon GO tricks and cheats you should know.

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Table of Contents:

Part 1. Get the App

Getting this app, Android users just simply download a mirrored copy of the APK and run it. iPhone users just sign in their Apple ID and change region settings to the U.S. to have an access to App Store. Although most users have no problem of downloading this app, they can't catch any Pokémon because some areas don't support it.

Part 2. Get a Pikachu Starter

When you first play this game, you can choose your own starter from three options, Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. If you are not satisfied with these options, for example, you want to choose Pikachu, you can use this trick to make it. In the beginning of the game, don't choose the three initial options and just walk away from the area and return five times. This time, Pikachu will become as the fourth option.

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Part 3. Catch a Pokémon

You can throw affects the likehood to catch a Pokémon. Throwing your PokeBall will carry more significance than users might initially think. Timing is important on the regard of making sure the best likehood of a proper capture and the most XP. Holding down the PokeBall, you will see a circle start to envelop the Pokémon in front of you. Different colors of the circles show the different levels of difficult. A green one means easy, orange one means medium and red one means hard. When you notice that the circle is continuously shrinking and the smaller it is, the more chances you will get to catch a Pokémon.

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Part 4. Catch Everything Even the Duplicates

When see the same kind of Pokémon outdoors that you have already captured, it's suggested not to ignore it. When you seize the duplicate Pokémon, you can give it to Professor Willow and trade it for candy. Keep in mind that you are only transferring your low CP Pokémon and once you've sent it to Professor Willow, you can't get it back. The candy is a valuable resource to evolve your Pokémon.

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Part 5. Use a GPS Spoofer

When you play this game in the school or office which doesn't allow you to walk around, you can use this cheat to play the game without walking, downloading a GPS spoofer app to make your smartphone think you're walking on the map. Once the app is downloaded and installed in your Android phone, just choose "GPS Only" under the locations settings. However, using this shortcut, you may run the risk of being banned by Niantic.

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Part 6. Catch Monsters at Night

Users have no problem of catching coveted monsters during the daytime. However, some of the fairy and ghost types will appear in the middle of the night or before the break of dawn when surroundings are at their creepiest. If you are looking for these types of monsters, you need to wait for a night. Keep in mind that the personal safety is the first thing when you play this game at night.

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Part 7. Solve Battery Problems

Running Pokémon GO will let your phone's battery drain quickly. There are some comments of users to show this problem.

"I'm losing more battery power than I am calories." -- @CyrisXD from Twitter

"Good times ahead for external USB battery manufactures I guess." --@swearyanthony from Twitter

Fortunately, there is an in-game solution to solve the battery problem. Just select "battery saver mode" by hitting the PokeBall at the bottom of the screen and head over to the settings button in the top right. Opening this mode will make the screen of your phone dim and show only the Pokémon GO logo and not have all images of the game loaded. What's more, another way to save battery is to turn off Augmented Reality mode.

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