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How to Fix iPhone Calendar Disappeared After iOS 11 Upgrade

Looking for ways to fix iPhone calendar disappeared after iOS 11 update? Here in this article, we’ll show you an easy and effective way to fix this problem.

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“Suddenly all my calendars have disappeared from birthdays on my iPhone. I haven't changed or deleted anything except updating my iPhone to iOS 11. I cannot enter any new appointments and I need to access to all my other calendars. Anyone can help?”

A user from Apple Discussion

It’s likely that every iOS updates will bring up some errors on iPhone or iPad, and you may meet the similar situation like this user to found that all your iPhone calendars has disappeared after iOS 11 upgrade. It can be quite troublesome cause these calendars are set to alert us some important events like appointments and arrangements. So how can we fix iPhone calendar missing in iOS 11 quickly? Here we’ll show you an impressive and simple approach to fix this issue.

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Table of Contents:

4 Basic Ways to Fix iPhone Calendars Disappeared in iOS 11

Way 1. Turn off iCloud Calendar and turn it on again.

Go to Settings > your name > iCloud > slide to turn off calendars > wait a few minutes and turn it on again on your iPhone.

Way 2. Turn on the Calendar Notifications on iPhone.

Settings > Notifications > Calendar > turn “Allow Notifications” on. Then you may get your missing calendars back on iPhone in iOS 11.

Way 3. Make your Calendars synced on All Devices.

Other synced devices may cause the problem of your iPhone calendars disappeared on iOS 11. Just make sure they are synced on every device.

Way 4. Check the Data and Time Settings on iPhone.

Go to Settings > General > Data & Time > then set the Time Zone correctly on your iPhone.

Still can’t fix the problem of iPhone calendars missing after iOS 11 upgrade with the tips above? You may don’t want to perform a backup restore to remove all existing data, so here we would recommend Primo iPhone Data Recovery to help you out.

How to Fix iPhone Calendars Missing in iOS 11 with Primo iPhone Data Recovery

As a professional iOS data recovery tool, Primo iPhone Data Recovery offers three useful approaches to get disappeared iPhone data back. Here are some highlights of it:

1. Supports fixing iPhone calendars disappeared in iOS 11 by recovering them on iPhone without data wiping or device restoring.

2. It can recover your disappeared iPhone calendars to device directly or to computer as a local backup.

3. It’s able to recover missing iPhone calendars in iOS 11 with or without any backup, and you can preview or select the files you want.

4. It also supports recover other iOS data like messages, photos, notes, contacts, videos, music, reminders and more on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

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Now you need to download and install Primo iPhone Data Recovery to your computer and run it. Then follow the detailed steps below to fix this problem:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer > choose Recover from iOS Device > click Next.

How to Fix iPhone Calendars Disappeared in iOS 11 – Step 1

How to Fix iPhone Calendars Disappeared in iOS 11 – Step 1

Step 2. Choose Calendars after scanning > preview and select the disappeared calendars you want to recover > choose To Mac/PC > click Recover to start.

How to Fix iPhone Calendars Disappeared in iOS 11 – Step 2

How to Fix iPhone Calendars Disappeared in iOS 11 – Step 2

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As you see, there are some effective methods can help you fix iPhone calendars disappeared in iOS 11. What’s more, Primo iPhone Data Recovery is also able to recover lost iOS data with backup selectively. Just download it and start a free trial now >>


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