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How to Find Deleted Photos on iPhone

Looking for an easy way to find mistakenly deleted photos on iPhone? This page will help you out with just few steps.

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Primo iPhone Data Recovery

Download Primo iPhone Data Recovery to find deleted iOS data from iPhone. The post below will show you how to see deleted photos on your iPhone. Click here to download it.

Storage space of iPhone is always limited for those who love to shoot photos. When your iPhone runs out of memory, you may choose to clear space by deleting some useless photos and emptying the Recently Deleted album. Sometimes tragedy happens. You may mistakenly delete some valuable photos. In that case, what can we do to find these important photos on iPhone quickly?

Common sense tells iTunes or iCloud helps back up photos. So checking iPhone photos through iTunes/iCloud backup works. But you can only see the whole photo database, not individual photos. In addition, photos deleted from iPhone before the backup cannot be found in the iTunes/iCloud backup.

Fortunately, with the aid of some iOS data recovery applications, all deleted photos on iPhone can be seen as long as your original data remains not overwritten. Here we introduce Primo iPhone Data Recovery, which is a professional iPhone data recovery tool. Read on the post below to find your deleted photos on iPhone.

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Main Features of Primo iPhone Data Recovery

Primo iPhone Data Recovery gives you industry-leading data recovery solutions with super easy process. No matter personal info, media or app files, it helps you find and retrieve them from iPhone with ease.

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How to Find Deleted Photos on iPhone

At the beginning, Get Primo iPhone Data Recovery to your computer.

Step 1. Open Primo iPhone Data Recovery > Connect your iPhone with computer > Choose the Recover from iOS Device option > Click Next.

How to Find Deleted Photos on iPhone – Step 1

How to Find Deleted Photos on iPhone – Step 1

Step 2. Preview and select the photos you want to restore and click Recover button.

How to Find Deleted Photos on iPhone – Step 2

How to Find Deleted Photos on iPhone – Step 2


As an iTunes/iCloud backup extractor, Primo iPhone Data Recovery enables to extract certain iOS files from your iTunes or iCloud backup instead of restoring the whole backup. Now download Primo iPhone Data Recovery to explore more.


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