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How to Download Songs on iPhone in Three Ways

Want to get songs on iPhone but have no idea to do this? We will explain how to download songs on iPhone step-by-step in three ways.

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When you get an iPhone, downloading songs on your iPhone is one of usual things we usually do, and the most common solution to do this is iTunes. It is really a flexible and multifunctional media contents organized tool, which can also help you download songs on your iPhone by syncing with your computer. Well, do you want to learn about other ways to put songs on your iPhone with time-efficiency?

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In this tutorial, we will introduce three approaches to download songs on iPhone without a time consuming, and you can choose the right one which is just for you. Then the details are as follows.

Table of Content:

How to Download Songs on iPhone via iCloud

Songs you have purchased through iTunes can be quickly and easily downloaded to any models of iPhone that is running iOS 8 or later through Apple’s new iCloud cloud-storage service. When you sign in with the same Apple ID used to purchase the contents, your previously purchased songs will appear within a new section of the iTunes app. And then you can download songs on iPhone via iCloud easily.

Before getting started, you should set up iCloud service on your iPhone: Open Settings > iCloud > Sign in with your Apple ID and password.

Open the iTunes app from your device’s Home screen > Tap the Purchased tab > Click the Not On This iPhone tab to filter the purchased apps you are viewing accordingly > Click on the cloud to download songs on your iPhone.

How to Download Songs on iPhone via iTunes

Apart from iCloud, you can also use iTunes to download songs on iPhone. With iTunes, you can sync all contents, including music, videos, podcasts, audiobooks etc. with your iPhone for a while.

Step 1. Open iTunes > Click iTunes > Preference > Device.

Step 2. Make sure the "Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPad syncing automatically" box is checked > Then Connect iPhone with computer via USB cable.

Step 3. Select the songs you want to sync to your iPhone (you can also select the option to sync all your songs to the iPhone).

If you want to sync with different Apple ID, it shows up the warning “Are you sure sync with the music? All existing music and playlists will be replaced” Is there a possible way to get music on iPhone without data loss?

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How to Download Songs on iPhone via PrimoMusic

PrimoMusic is a handy & powerful music transfer program that is compatible all versions of computer and all iOS devices. Compared with the above two ways, the instinctive features are that download all songs (purchased and non-purchased) to iPhone, selectively add/delete songs according to your needs, keep existing songs on your iPhone after music transfer etc. Download PrimoMusic, and you can freely manage songs on your iPhone.

Step 1. Launch PrimoMusic > Connect iPhone to computer with a USB cable.

How to Download Songs on iPhone – Step 1

How to Download Songs on iPhone – Step 1

Step 2. Click Import To Device > Add music files to interface of PrimoMusic (or you can click Eye icon to check songs you want to transfer).

How to Download Songs on iPhone – Step 2

How to Download Songs on iPhone – Step 2

Step 3. Click Import button to download songs on iPhone.

How to Download Songs on iPhone – Step 3

How to Download Songs on iPhone – Step 3

PrimoMusic is a multifunctional music transfer management that it also supports transferring videos, movies, TV shows, audiobooks podcasts etc. from devices to iTunes by clicking Add to iTunes.


In this article, we offer three methods to help you resolve the problem about how to download songs on iPhone, and you can select the one is just for you. However, if you want to find out a simple & quick way to transfer songs between iDevices and computer, PrimoMusic is your indispensable helper. With it, you can add contents to iTunes to rebuild iTunes library only a few clicks.

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