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6 Useful Tips to Fix iTunes Error 9 on iPhone/iPad

Want to update to the iOS 11 or iOS 11.1 via iTunes but get the iTunes error 9? Here we’ll show you some simple tricks to fix iPhone error 9 while updating to iOS 11/11.1.

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Also compatible with iPhone 5S or later, iPad mini 2 or later and the 6th generation iPod touch or later, iOS 11.1 brings over 70 new emoji and includes bug fixes like iPhone photos blurry, Accessibility issues and battery problems. With so many great improvements, most iPhone and iPad users would choose to update to iOS 11.1.

How to Fix iTunes Error 9

How to Fix iTunes Error 9

But like every other iOS updates, there are always some problems you may meet while updating firmware via iTunes. And iPhone/iTunes error 9 is such a common error code that prompts when you try to update to iOS 11.1 or restore iPhone with iTunes. Here we’ll show you some troubleshooting methods to fix iTunes error 9 or iPhone error 9 without hassles.

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Table of Contents:

6 Quick Tips to Fix iTunes or iPhone Error 9 on iOS 11/11.1

Tip 1. Check Your USB Cable and Port.

Just ensure the USB cable is connected to the right port on iPhone and computer, and make sure there are no loose connections between device and computer. Or just try another USB cable.

Tip 2. Remove Some Apps on iPhone.

The problem may lie in some virtualization apps like Parallels or VMware, which might interrupt the computer’s ability to communicate via USB, especially when they are not configured properly.

Tip 3. Try to Update iTunes First.

You can update iTunes to the latest version (iTunes 12.7) and then try to update your iPhone to the new iOS 11.1 or restore your iPhone.

Tip 4. Delete the Lockdown Folder on Computer.

A solution to this problem that works for many users is resetting your computer’s Lockdown folder by deleting it. Once you delete the Lockdown folder, it will be reset and recreated almost immediately. (Note: This method should only be performed as directed by an Apple technician.) Just refer to this article to get more.

Tip 5. Unplug and Restart your iPhone.

Rebooting your iPhone when you see the iTunes error 9, and then plug it again to connect your iPhone to iTunes via an original USB cable.

Tip 6. Checking Your Security Software and Firewall.

It is possible security software installed on your iPad is perhaps blocking communication to Apple’s update servers. Just check the follow items:

1. Make sure your iPad or other device is recognized by iTunes.

2. Make sure the security software is updated.

3. Ensure the anti-virus software and check if iTunes is blocked or not included in the exceptions list.

4. Now check whether the time, date, and time zone are set properly on the computer.

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo/Black Screen/Recovery Mode

After updating to the new iOS 11 or iOS 11.1, you may meet some problems like iPhone stuck on Apple logo or black screen. If unluckily it happens to you, just try this iOS data recovery tool called Primo iPhone Data Recovery to help you out. It’s able to get your iPhone to normal within simple steps, and it will download the latest iOS firmware on your device during the process.

Step 1.Before start, just download Primo iPhone Data Recovery to computer and connect with your iPhone. Choose iOS Repair Tools and click Next.

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo/Black Screen – Step 1

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo/Black Screen – Step 1

Step 2. Then follow the detailed steps as below.

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo/Black Screen – Step 2

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo/Black Screen – Step 2

Step 3. Then you can choose your device model and download the firmware. Click “Next” and after that your iPhone will restart.

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo/Recovery Mode – Step 3

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo/Recovery Mode – Step 3

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With these quick tips we offered above, it’s quite easy to fix the problem of iTunes/iPhone 9 when you want to update to iOS 11/11.1. And Primo iPhone Data Recovery can solve some common iPhone error with ease. Just download it and start a free trial now >>


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