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How to Fix iTunes Error 45075 Quickly

Meeting the iTunes error 45075 when you try to update your iPhone 7 to the latest iOS 10.3.2? Here in this article, we’ll give several troubleshooting tricks to fix iTunes error 45075.

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“I try to install iTunes but I keep getting the same error. It say ‘a required iTunes component is not installed. Please repair or re-install iTunes (-45075)’. I have tried to repair & also uninstalled but the same message keeps coming up.”

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There are more than 1,000 users having the same question and looking for ways to solve this iTunes error 45075. It can occur when you try to update, remove, sync, download, install or connect a device to iTunes on Windows 7/8/10. So how can we fix this iTunes error 45075 without losing any data or wasting too much time? Let’s follow this guide to get some useful tips to resolve it.

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Table of Contents:

4 Basic Tips to Fix the iTunes Error 45075 Safely

Tip 1. Restart the AMDS (Apple Mobile Device Service).

Close iTunes and disconnect the device connected to the computer > Press Windows key and letter R at the same time and enter the command “services. MSc” > browse the list and click on “Apple Mobile Device Service” > go to “All Tasks” and click Restart > check whether this error 45075 has been fixed after restarting the computer.

Tip 2. Update iTunes to the latest version.

Update iTunes to the latest version on your computer. Try this method if there is an iTunes error 45075 on your computer.

Tip 3. Reinstall iTunes on computer.

Find the iTunes 64 setup.exe file and open it with a program extractor > then turn on the programs in the following order: Boujour > Apple Application Support 32-bit > Apple Application Support 64-bit > Apple Mobile Device Support > Apple Software Update.

Tip 4. Check Windows Firewall.

Press Wins key and the letter R together > type in “firewall.cpl” > go to ‘Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall > click change settings and make sure that the iTunes is selected under both Private and Public while the Bonjour Service is selected on for Private networks > close Firewall and check whether the error 45075 has been fixed.

Fix iTunes Error 45075 by Checking iTunes Firewall

Fix iTunes Error 45075 by Checking iTunes Firewall

What If You Get iOS Data Lost During the Process

Tried some methods to fix iTunes error 45075 but lost some iOS data on your connected Apple device. At this time, getting lost iOS data backup is quite urgent and Primo iPhone Data Recovery can help you a lot. It supports recovering lost iOS data selectively with or without backup, and you don’t need to restore your device with iTunes/iCloud backup content. Let’s check the detailed steps below:

Step 1. Download and install Primo iPhone Data Recovery to your computer and run it. Then connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to computer > choose Recover from iOS Device > click Next to start.

How to Get Lost iOS Data Back via Primo iPhone Data Recovery – Step 1

How to Get Lost iOS Data Back via Primo iPhone Data Recovery – Step 1

Step 2. All device data will show up after scanning. Choose the lost iOS data of your device > set the export path To Mac/PC > click Recover button to start.

How to Get Lost iOS Data Back via Primo iPhone Data Recovery – Step 2

How to Get Lost iOS Data Back via Primo iPhone Data Recovery – Step 2

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The tips above should have solved the problem of iTunes error 45075, and Primo iPhone Data Recovery will definitely be a good helper when you need to recover lost iOS data from iDevices. No matter you have made backups or not, it will always bring your lost data back safely. Just download it and have a trial now >>


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