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Does iCloud Backup Save Photos

Want to make a backup for photos on iPhone? Unsure whether iCloud backs up photos? Read the post to figure out if iCloud backup pictures.

Primo iPhone Data Recovery

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On your iPhone, there must be tons of photos. Due to the convenience and nice performance of iPhone camera, you shoot photos or videos a lot to record beautiful scenery, memorable moments or anything interesting. Doubtlessly, they mean a lot to all of you, thus making a backup for pictures on iPhone is of great importance. iTunes is a way to go, but each time you want to check photos in iTunes backup, you have to restore iPhone. What a nuisance! How about another iOS data backup gadget – iCloud? Does iCloud back up photos?

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Does iCloud Backup Include Photos

Does iCloud back up photos? Of course yes. But not all photos on your iPhone will be included in iCloud backup. Photos that are already stored in iCloud will not be backed up to iCloud once again. For example, if you turn on iCloud Photo Library on iPhone, your photos get uploaded to iCloud every time you’re in Wi-Fi condition, so they will not be saved in your iCloud backup for the second time.

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All know that to view iPhone photos on iCloud, we can visit iCloud’s website. Here I also introduce you another new and reliable way to access and view photos in iCloud. Primo iPhone Data Recovery is an efficient iCloud backup viewer, able to access and view photos in your iCloud backup.

Bonus Tip: An Alternative Approach to View iCloud Photos

Let’s together take a look at Primo iPhone Data Recovery’s good performance when working as an iCloud backup viewer:

- Available to access iCloud backup within seconds and view all the files and data in your iCloud backup including photos.

- For lost or mistakenly deleted photos, it helps you extract them from iCloud backup and recover right to iPhone or to computer.

- To recover lost or deleted photos, you have two another choices. You can recover photos with iTunes backup, and you are able to get back photos directly from iPhone.

- Except photos, other important personal info (like messages, contacts, notes, call history, Safari history, Safari bookmark, etc.) can also be retrieved with the 3 recovery plans.

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Step 1. Download and install Primo iPhone Data Recovery to computer > Run it > Choose Recover from iCloud > Click Next to proceed.

Step 2. Sign in with your Apple ID and password. Select one iCloud backup from the list and download it > Click Next.

Step 3. All files in iCloud backup now are displayed here. Check Photos and you can view all your photos in iCloud backup.

How to Access and View Photos in iCloud

How to Access and View Photos in iCloud


Primo iPhone Data Recovery is actually designed as an iOS data recovery software, supporting up to 25 types of iOS data’s recovery. The tool is fully compatible with iPhone 7/7 Plus and the latest iOS 10/10.3.2. Download it to start a free trial now >>


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