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How to Backspace on iPhone Calculator (iPhone 7 Included)

Using iPhone for many years but do not know that how to backspace on iPhone calculator? The tip explains a trick to delete mistyped numbers in calculator app on iPhone.

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Due to the conspicuous absence of a backspace button on iPhone calculator, it’s inconvenient to use the built-in calculator app on iPhone sometimes. Once mistakenly entering a few numbers, usually you have to hit the C key to clear every number you typed in to start over, which proves to be quite time wasting. But in fact, there is a hidden backspace feature on iPhone calculator. Want to figure out how it works? Just keep reading to get the easy way to backspace on iPhone calculator.

Table of Contents:

How to Use the Hidden Backspace Feature on iPhone Calculator (iPhone 7 Included)

Step 1. Open the calculator app on iPhone.

Step 2. Enter numbers.

Step 3. Simply swipe left/right the black display where the numbers sit.

How to Backspace on iPhone Calculator

How to Backspace on iPhone Calculator

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How to Recover Lost Data on iOS 10.3/10.3.1

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Daily Tips How to Backspace on iPhone Calculator (iOS 10 Included)