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Primo Android Data Recovery Online Guide

Here is a comprehensive online guide for Primo Android Data Recovery. With the tutorials below you will find out how to recover deleted data from Android device directly. If you still have questions after reading this guide, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team, and you will receive reply within 24 hours.


Root Android Device

Android applies permissions to each file, folder and portion. The group of permissions can decide who can view, modify and execute a file that some users can access, while others cannot access due to the permission issue. With rooting device, you will get Super Administrator User permission in Android system. Meanwhile, after rooting device, Deep Scan function in Primo Android Data Recovery will be available for you, which can help you freely recover deleted data from Android device & restore lost data to computer directly. Please refer to the detailed guide to make good use of this free android data recovery software.

Step 1. Connect Android Device to Computer

Please connect your Android device to computer with the USB cable after launching Primo Android Data Recovery on your computer. Meanwhile, please make sure that you have turned on USB debugging option on your device. If Primo Android Data Recovery fails to detect your device, the following interface will display.

Turning on USB Debugging option
  • When you connect Android device to Windows computer at the first time, your computer will install USB Driver for your device automatically.

Once your device is detected, the main interface of Primo Android Data Recovery will display. Then, you can select the types of files you want to recover.

Selecting the Types of Files

Step2. Root Android Device

Rooting device can make Primo Android Data Recovery access your device data completely. You can click the Next button and then tap the Deep Scan button to root your device. The Deep Scan function will be available after finishing rooting process. At the same time, please make sure the internet connection is stable during the rooting process.

Clicking Deep Scan Button

When rooting device process begins, the interface will show as follow. The process will take a few minutes, and please be patient.

Rooting Device

Step 3. Complete Rooting Android Device

The following messages will be showed on the interface after completing the rooting process. You can continue the further operation by clicking "OK" button.

Grant the permissions of Super Administrator User

Step 4. Get More Free Rooting Software

The interface will display as follows if rooting device process fails. To continue to root your device, you can give the recommended software (KingoRoot and iRoot) a try. To get more rooting software, please click Button. If you want to extract Android data to computer, please click Quick Scan options. To return to the main interface, please click Back button.

Failure of Rooting Device

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