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How to Fix iCloud Contacts Not Syncing Issue

Are you in the situation in which iPhone contacts can’t sync with iCloud? The post about how to fix iCloud contacts not syncing may help you out.

Primo iPhone Data Recovery

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We use iCloud to sync iPhone contacts so that we can easily access all the contact info across all devices. But sometimes iCloud contacts may do not sync as we expect. A user report when she adds a contact on iPhone, it doesn’t sync to iCloud, so she can’t check it on Mac. But when she adds a contact on Mac or on iCloud’s website, it syncs fine everywhere. If your iPhone contacts fail to sync with iCloud as well, here are some measures to help you fix the iCloud not syncing contacts problem.

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Common Tips to Fix iPhone Contacts Not Syncing with iCloud

Maybe you have the need to make a single local backup for contacts from your iCloud. If so, you ought to download contacts from iCloud at first. Primo iPhone Data Recovery is a perfect helper.

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Bonus Tip: How to Download Contacts from iCloud

Primo iPhone Data Recovery enables you to access and view iCloud backup. From your iCloud backup, you can extract and download contacts you need to computer to make an extra backup. Firstly, get Primo iPhone Data Recovery downloaded to your computer.

Step 1. Launch it and choose Recover from iCloud Backup on the main screen. Click Next.

Step 2. Sign in with your Apple ID. Select an iCloud backup from the list and download it. Click Next.

Step 3. Preview all the files in your iCloud backup. Select all the contacts that you need to make a local backup and click Recover.

How to Download Contacts from iCloud

How to Download Contacts from iCloud


If mistakenly you delete a contact from iPhone, you can get it back from iCloud backup right to your iPhone with Primo iPhone Data Recovery. No previous data on iPhone will be wiped away. Besides, with the tool, you can also recover deleted contacts from iTunes backup or from iPhone directly. Just download it to have a try now >>


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